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Welcome to The Quote Factory, an indispensable resource for media writers, journalists, broadcasters, researchers and PR professionals in the Midlands. Listed here are experts on a huge range of subjects who are on hand to be quoted, consulted or interviewed on their areas of expertise and to give your copy weight and substance. It will also give you the opportunity to find fresh experts with fresh views rather than the “go to” standby names whose views can often appear tired and predictable.

This is a completely free resource for journalists, and focuses on the Central England region. There is no need to log in or register. Simply select the subject category and the experts are listed there, with their specialisms and contact details. All we ask is that you tell them that you got their details from The Quote Factory.

For companies, academic institutions, PR departments and PR agencies, this is your opportunity to get the names of your company, your organisation and your senior people on the map, to be regarded as experts in their particular field. Go to the How to Get Listed page for more details.